Thursday, June 14, 2012

Medication Roulette

medication life's a polyp

I had my routine follow up appointment this week with my GI. My appointments are typically routine now, I get my list of blood labs and UA completed the week before, review my labs at my appointment and am reminded about the importance of taking all my medications as prescribed and then we catch up on my personal life.
My medication list has been allowed to be significantly shortened from what it was previously. I still have a drawer that is solely for my medication bottles, this is indeed much better than the cabinet that was devoted to my medications for years. Some medications I no longer require, some my doctor has given up on me taking as directed, and others I take religiously without fail.

Since my last appointment in January, I decided to play a game of roulette with my B-12. I am supposed to take 2 cc twice a week of B-12. Now have I done this since living on my own for the last 4-5 years? No, of course not. Half the time I forget, half the time I don't want to remind my husband to give me my shots.
But this time, I willingly and knowingly decided to forgo my B-12 shots until June in order to see how much I actually did need B-12. The longer I went without my b-12 and the longer I went without any symptoms of fatigue from lack of B-12, the more I was determined to see my b-12 temper tantrum experiment through to the end.
In January my B-12 was in the 620-650 area, in June it was 234. Granted, I also have discovered that if I take my prescribed b-12 shots two nights before getting lab work done, then my b-12 appears nicely elevated and gives the illusion that I am following my doctor's orders without fail.

A lesson is learned each time we play roulette with our health.
Sometimes we win, sometimes we break even, and sometimes we lose our shirts and pants and are given a hospital gown.

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