Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back Me Up

life's a polyp

The majority of the time I am filled with thoughts of gutting myself to relieve stomach pain. But on occasion, I think about gutting myself from the backside as well to relieve back pain.

After five abdominal surgeries, my abdominal muscles became severely weakened and were no longer able to provide proper support to my back. In high school the back pain progressed to the point that when I leaned over, my back would give out and I was unable to lift my torso up and straighten myself again. After  consultation with my GI doctor I was referred for physical therapy to re-strengthen my abdominal muscles to relieve the back pain. I completed my physical therapy sessions with great success.

Through the years though and after two more abdominal surgeries, I've noticed my back beginning to pain me more frequently. It is typically brought on after the initiation of severe stomach pains from bloating and cramps. I believe this triggers the back pain as excessive pressure is placed around my torso. So instead of coping with one pain, I find myself literally surrounded with pain battling two fronts. I've realized with repeated experience that in order to prevent or at least delay or reduce the occurrence of back pain, I must carefully consider my previous, current, and future food intake. As I discussed in Evils of Food there are a multitude of variables in relation to eating that affect my daily health and life. The stomach pains require sitting or lying down for relief, unfortunately this does not provide the same amount of relief for back pain.

I've often considered returning to physical therapy and perhaps that may be in the near future.

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