Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks of Health

life's a polyp

I'm going to fall into line for the Thanksgiving holiday and review blessings received. I've discussed in several earlier posts about the journey I've overcome with my health and the ongoing issues that plague my days and the countless blessings I've received to endure. So I'm not going to go over those yet again.

What I am going to do though is encourage you to remember your own blessings, your own journey and struggles.
Every day is a new day and no matter what your previous days have been like, it doesn't mean that the future days will be same. That's true for good and bad days. We never know what will happen, we can only prepare ourselves for the best and the worst. Through our actions to do the best we can with any given situation and complete precautionary steps to prepare and prevent, we are most apt to deal with any event. We can't just sit back and expect something to happen or to change, we must make the change ourselves. It is not fair or right to expect anyone else to make the change for us. Like so many things, it starts from within ourselves and with us.
Whether you're struggling with finances, coping, or physical health - none of it will change on it's own. You must take a step to force the change process forward. Ask for assistance, information, support and rediscover your own strength and resourcefulness. Support networks are there for individuals to provide support and encouragement, not to take over one's life.

Now I realize this probably sounds like a subconscious rant or scolding, but that's not my intent. Looking back through my experiences, I'm very thankful for those that helped guide me on my journey, who encouraged me to take that next step and I'm grateful that these individuals didn't enable me to give up on directing my own life.
Every struggle is an opportunity for something to change, recognize this and make every attempt to discover what changes can be made to improve the situation and you will glad for it later on. Life is many times a trial and error experience, we must adapt and change in order to stay in the game. We've evolved this way and because of it, we can do just that.

When you meet your next struggle, take a deep breath and calm yourself so that you may re-examine it through a clearer view and mind. Remember your support network and your own inner strength, this combination is very powerful to enable the adaptation and growth for survival.
And that is something to be very grateful for in life.