Saturday, February 23, 2019

Fohm Cleanser: A Sponsored Review

Disclaimer: I have been given Fohm as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

I have Short Bowel Syndrome which means I use the restroom 20+ times a day for loose bowel movements as a result of having my colon and part of my small intestine removed. My skin is sensitive due to the frequent restroom use and regular toilet paper can be harsh on such sensitive skin. To help combat skin irritation, I utilize Calmoseptine ointment after each restroom use. Not only is my rear sensitive but so is my vaginal skin that has only worsened over the years. For individuals like me, a wet cleanser can be helpful in mitigating the effects of frequent restroom use associated with GI issues. Typically, individuals think of wet cleansing wipes but a wet cleansing solution, such as Fohm can be a game changer.

Fohm cleanser is a touch-less dispenser system to replace wet wipes to not only help clean your rear but also prevent build up in your sewer system of excessive wet wipes that will also help reduce pollution and sewer line issues.

I was provided the touch-less dispenser and a bottle of Fohm cleanser solution that is marked to last 6 weeks. The cleansing solution is liquid and when activated through the dispenser turns to a foam. One can purchase Fohm on a subscription service basis or a single cleanser refill. The dispenser comes with a USB charger to charge the dispenser batteries to allow for touch-less dispensing of the cleanser on your existing toilet paper. However, it does not come with the USB cube so I had to obtain my own cube for charging the dispenser.

Upon first glance, the system didn't come with very detailed instructions although was simple enough to assemble. For those who suffer with pain or arthritis in their hands, this system may be difficult to assemble without some assistance from someone else. The cleanser bottle is made with a durable plastic that is not the easiest to squeeze for emptying the cleansing solution into the dispenser and the top of the dispenser was not particularly easy to screw on tightly to prevent spills. I would suggest charging the dispenser before adding the cleanser to the dispenser.

I placed the dispenser on the back of the toilet tank for easy access for cleansing my skin after using dry toilet paper. The downside of the dispensing system is that it is not portable for continued use outside of the home unlike hand sprays that may easily be concealed for use no matter where you are. For someone with regular bowel movements (i.e. with a colon who isn't having diarrhea), it may be suggested to only use toilet paper with the cleansing solution to clean the skin. However, due to my Short Bowel Syndrome, I found it cleaner and easier to clean with dry toilet paper first followed by the cleansing solution. The system dispenses a fair amount of foam solution when activated and can be changed to dispense 10 ml or 25 ml. I always fear using new cleansing products as ingredients may cause a burning sensation to already sensitive and irritated skin. This was not the case with Fohm cleanser though. It was comfortable on my rear and vaginal sensitive skin areas even at my rawest skin moments. 

With continued use I have noticed less irritation to my vaginal skin in particular. I have not felt able to stop using the Calmoseptine ointment on my rear though even with continued use of Fohm. Others may be able to forgo such ointment use though. Overall, I was pleased with the Fohm product and would recommend it to others with GI issues or who just want a more eco-friendly cleansing option.