Friday, May 1, 2020

CareClinic App

The CareClinic App Team contacted me about sharing information about their app to help manage general health and medical conditions. I will let their guest post delve deeper into the app but I wanted to share my thoughts on the app first.

Disclaimer: There are several apps available to manage health and medical conditions, I do not use any of them so I do not have a personal opinion on CareClinic versus another app. This blog post is simply to provide information on an available tool for health management.

I didn't realize at the time that this app is not only for those with health conditions but also for anyone in general even if there is no history of health issues. This is a nice feature for organizing one's health goals and plans to reach identified health goals in addition to medical conditions.

I like that there is the option for desktop login as well as via smart phone. I signed up for the free membership and to my surprise both of my rare diseases - Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Short Bowel Syndrome - were in the drop down menu for possible health conditions to select. That alone was impressive.

There is a tutorial for creating your self-care plan as well as templates one can use. Care plans can be created for a multitude of purposes including physical and mental health. Care plans allow you to add your medications, planned therapies, activities, and nutritional intake on a calendar with reminders.

Reports can be viewed showing tracked adherence, symptoms, calories, activities, weight, therapies, sleep and custom values with any correlations found in the data tracked.
Below is a full list of the features in CareClinic with descriptions.

CareClinic Features

This is a guest post by the CareClinic App Team

It is often evident that during times of the constant fast-paced lifestyle, we’re glued to our smartphones without the awareness or presence of mind for our own wellbeing. Often forgetting that there are options for the betterment of our own health. Given the current climate we’re living in right now, it is only more prevalent that a smartphone can be beneficial in providing access to platforms for improving lifestyle and wellbeing. One such app that enables this is CareClinic.

All Inclusive Solution is an all in one care management platform, that provides more than just the features of a standard health tracker. Here is a platform that empowers users in managing their acute, chronic and preventive medical care in one fully integrated online-to-offline system; such that for the user benefits of tracking, measuring and behavioral insights.

 The platform is offered on desktop, tablet and mobile for iOS and Android; with a free membership option and a premium membership option for additional added features and insights. Upon signing up to the platform users are assigned a user ID (for data privacy protection) with full level of encryption and allowing users ample options to save their health information in a structured way, so the information may be used to generate personal qualitative insights for their convenience.


CareClinic’s features allow users the opportunity of utilizing the health journal app functionality to share notes or write down day-to-day health or chronic conditions in one place at any time. With the capabilities of tracking prescription medications, over the counter medications, pills, supplements, symptoms and mood tracking along with day to day lifestyle habits, physical activities, nutrition, therapies, vitals and custom values as a personal log and journal as their personal care plans.

The platform provides users with a way to automatically integrate health data to not have to enter activity details manually each time. From the internal database, users can search and assess the medical library (clinically sourced and referenced) and update their care plan at their convenience.

Users may add contacts to their care team to monitor their progress. This feature enables them to get reminders of any missed dosage to follow up or keep track of their wellbeing. This functionality is great for seniors or geriatrics, or those who may rely on care providers (be it a guardian, family member or personal care support); as for doctors, nurses, and even family. Not only does the platform benefit users, but it assists clinical and healthcare providers, providing them oversight of a user’s care plan and journals for better oversight.

The platform helps users track health measurements that are vital to themselves, their family or their care provider with ease. The benefit of generating reports, provides context on progress to help optimize lifestyle goals. The user information can be assessed and analyzed to provide availability of charts, logs, and correlations all of which can be useful in better understanding with deeper insights. To learn more about CareClinic and how it can help you or a loved one, please visit to download the App for Android or iOS.

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