Monday, February 8, 2016

Healthy Habits

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I lie on the floor with my arms by my sides, breathing in through my nose and out of my mouth, my mind clear. My breathing focused and my spirit calm. My body is heavy against the floor in this relaxed state known as corpse pose as I complete another day toward a healthy habit.

 It takes about three weeks to turn a behavior into a habit. Sometimes that three weeks is a long time when you're trying to build healthy habits. I'm not the exercise or even constantly healthy eating type. My commitment to such healthiness is sporadic. I abhor exercise and I have strong cravings and lack of self-control for the food I love. I go through cycles of increased healthiness after a bout of gluttony and laziness. I'm starting on an endeavor of health consciousness - involving daily yoga rituals and healthier eating. And I feel great (well, for the most part for me)! Some days I have to force myself to exercise but the longer I do this the less of a thought out plan it becomes and instead progresses toward becoming a habit.  I've learned a few things with my recent dedication that I'm aiming to turn into habit.

Self care involves more than tending to the mind and spirit but also the body.
The ultimate goal is to build a strong mind and body.

By nourishing my body with exercise in the form of yoga and healthy foods I'm helping to nourish my mind. This time is rewarding as I set it aside for 'me time' to focus on myself and let go of the worries of the world. The beauty of yoga and similar exercises is that relaxation and meditation moments are built in as the body connects with the spirit. Each pose focuses my mind and breathing. My attention placed on the within rather than merely the physical strength each pose demands.

My body welcomes fresh foods rather than processed and high fat junk foods. The flavor of a balanced meal becomes rewarding in itself and my body appreciates the healthiness with added benefits of no longer feeling bloated or sluggish. Previously when I followed the Anti-Inflammatory Diet my body quickly detoxified itself, losing weight rapidly, and improving my health within days of cutting out unhealthy foods. The difference in how my body felt before and after was remarkable. Staying hydrated is a challenge for me at times due to how quickly my stomach becomes full resulting in stomach cramps. I have been working hard to drink at least the minimum recommended amount of water everyday and I'm noticing improvements as I'm rewarded with hydration and further detoxification.

It can be difficult to change our habits, whatever they may be. But it can be very rewarding to change old habits and create new ones, particularly when it is for the betterment of ourselves. We deserve self-improvement and the effort that is required for self betterment is always worth it in the end. We just need to remind ourselves to continue to push through. We'll love ourselves for it later.


  1. Good for you for starting on your yoga journey! I started yoga a couple of years ago and just fell in love with it. Sadly, a back injury forced me to stop for a few months but I'm almost ready to start up my daily routine again and I can't wait! Good luck :)
    Suzy x

    1. That's great that you're almost ready to resume your yoga! I did yoga some several years ago but was never good about committed practice. I'm hoping to keep it up this time around though and not lose the motivation. So far so good though! :)

    2. That's great in itself Jenny, you seriously are a legend!

    3. You are too kind, thank you for all the support!!