Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Med Needs Changes

medication changes life's a polyp

So a weird thing has been happening for over two weeks now. I had a really bad food week where I ate junk food out for at least one meal a day. Now this usually makes me bloated, sluggish, even constipated feeling but once I start eating healthier the diarrhea comes back in full force. My guess is trying to rid my body of the unhealthy junk and rebalance itself. But I've started eating healthier after that week, although some days were worse than others. But yet, I still feel sluggish enough that it's better not to take my Lonox. And on days that started out normal and I did take my Lonox, it ended up a mistake as I became too constipated again. So I haven't taken it regularly for two and half weeks. This is longest I've gone without my Lonox. And I'm on the lowest dose as it is, I used to require the highest dose!
Now I'm not about to suggest for a moment that I no longer need the lomotil. I actually think if I strictly ate healthy, I'm certain everything would return to usual. But I am confused why it's not back to normal already, even with the sparse unhealthy meal.

I'm excited to see though how my bowel will act once I start an anti inflammatory diet pilot study through the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation. I'm very curious to see if I notice any changes with quality of life and symptoms. I'll be sure to discuss my results and experiences with you all as well. The HCCF is hopeful for clinical trials of the diet to be approved for further research. It will be very interesting to hear what results they gather.

Hopefully in the meantime my bowel will resume usual function so that I'll feel my "normal" again lol. I really prefer the diarrhea and empty, light feeling it provides to the constipated, heavy, bloated, overall yucky feeling. Some might disagree but I've become accustomed to my SBS.


  1. So cool to hear about you being part of this study. I've been doing the anti-inflammatory diet for a few months and I feel a lot better. Hoping it will also help slow the growth of polyps!

  2. That's awesome that you've noticed a difference with the diet! Is there anything specific about the diet that you think makes the difference in how you feel? For instance, I personally don't think the gluten bothers me but more that carbs tend to feel heavier to me. I'm interested to see what happens.

    1. It took me a few weeks to notice a difference. I don't stick strictly to the "diet" and mine is more of the paleo. I do cheat once in a while, but when I eat a meal full of gluten my energy takes a dive. The last time I had cramping in my upper stomach, which my nutritionist said is related to digestion and food allergies. I haven't had any scopes done since I started in May, but am supposed to have them done in the next month, will be interesting to see if there are positive results, but I also take several natural supplements to decrease, slow their growth (and for several other benefits as well). Good luck, just read your latest post about starting!

    2. I was thinking more about your question and there have been a few other benefits of going gluten free besides energy. I have less burning coming out the other end - I mean LOT less. I always associated the burning with cheese, spaghetti sauce, spicy foods (although I don't eat foods that are that spicy). But I don't think that's what it was from.
      I also don't have problems with my acid reflux anymore!
      I have a lot less headaches and migraines.
      However, I do organic, free range, anti-biotic free foods.

  3. Woah, that's amazing. I never would have expected such results! I definitely think natural foods is the way to go rather than all these processed and hormone injected. But I'm still blown away by the benefits you're having.