Saturday, May 3, 2014

Healthy Digestion

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I've been eating very healthy for the last two weeks and what a difference I've unexpectedly noticed in my digestion, not to mention my waistline. I've been avoiding and at minimum reducing intake of starches, sugars, fats and focusing my meals on meat, veggies and fruits.  Boy what a difference that makes!

I'm not feeling bloated, abdominal pains or what's considered to be "constipation" for me. I'm still able to control my SBS with just one Lonox and engage in my activities. I'm feeling fuller with less food but without the pain and blah feeling of overeating and unhealthy eating. I'm feeling so much better than when I was giving in to all those unhealthy cravings. I wake up and feel like playing in the hills, not sitting on the couch holding my stomach because it's uncomfortable or painful to move.

Everyone should talk to their doctor before making diet changes, especially as some of us with GI issues have a difficult time digesting fiberous foods, specifically vegetables. I've been fortunate that vegetables have never been a problem food for me, even when I had an ileostomy. My mother though is plagued with intestinal blockages regularly, even when carefully selecting and chewing her food choices. Even too dry meat causes a problem for her.

Bottom line, it's important to consider our food choices to make better ones for ourselves. Yours may be different than mine, our bodies are similar yet different with FAP. But if you're having some negative symptoms, try some changes out with your doctor and see what happens. I've been too stubborn to make changes before with food and medications but those changes have always proved to be the better choice for me. I hope yours do too.

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